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Whether you're looking to become a better planner in your personal life, stuck with projects in your educational courses or are a working professional, there is something for everyone to learn and take away from this course. 🚀 This Project Management course is geared towards both beginners as well as people who have some understanding of project management but want to manage and plan their projects for success. Learn to become a successful project manager as Ammarah Ahmed walks you through the entire journey of initiating, planning, implementing, rolling-out, and iterating a project. The course will help educate you on the importance of being well-planned and data driven in your approach for successful projects at work, even in life.📊 With Ammarah's extensive experience managing projects and growth initiatives, you will go through multiple examples and approaches as well as their respective use cases. As a result, you will end up becoming a smart and efficient planner. 😎

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The introductory module tells you what exactly defines a project, how to work out the scope, and understand what deliverables a project entails. It also walks you through project plan templates and how to create them for your own personal, educational or professional projects. Take it from us, this is an exciting and creative process. So give it your full imagination!

  • Module 1 - Lesson 1 11min 0sec
  • Module 1 - Lesson 2 11min 5sec

Understand the concept of stakeholder management and how to identify your co-owners for any given project and/or task. Set deadlines for your tasks like a boss. Hiccups aren't nice but effective project managers make them go away, which is why you'll also learn how to account for any last minute problems. You will also be taught about Gantt charts, their uses and how you can go about making them.

  • Module 2 - Lesson 1 10min 4sec
  • Module 2 - Lesson 2 11min 27sec

Learn what your project's success metrics are and why it is necessary for your project to have them. Ammarah will also walk you through different approaches you can use to review your performance while the project is ongoing and the use cases for each of the approaches along with some examples and cases. So that you deliver the best results and have data to support along with it.

  • Module 3 - Lesson 1 11min 4sec
  • Module 3 - Lesson 2 14min 48sec

Finish your learning journey with how to validate your project data and the different techniques that can be used for data validation. Ammarah will also introduce you to iterative project management and how to identify the gaps in your project plan, along with approaches to continuously adapt your project for good results! Because that's what matters at the end of the day - success.

  • Lesson 1 19min 12sec
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Ammarah Ahmed

Manager Growth & Performance Dark Stores - Delivery Hero

Start-up Expert with 5+ Years of Experience Across The Tech-Industry


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Absolutely! Projects can be anything from our own personal goals to educational or course projects, and knowing how to plan and manage them well, gets you well set for success.

Not at all! Regardless of what your area of expertise, we lead and manage projects in everything from academics, finance, marketing, programming, and design and it's never too late to learn how we can do them even better.

We cover all things from an introductory fashion in this course, this could be a great fit for you!

Absolutely, this is one of the best times for you to invest in improving your project management skills. Being able to successfully manage your projects and tasks is crucial to helping you move up the ladder into more senior roles.

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15+ enrolled on this course